Visit the protected nature park of Šćedro

The untouched beauty of the island of Šćedro, with its many hidden coves is an absolute must see! Šćedro has historically been a safe harbor for sailors and is still a welcoming place for travelers wanting to experience the calm Dalmatian way of life.

The history of Šćedro is very interesting. It was named after the old Slavic word for charitable because a long time ago wheat was cultivated there. The most memorable moment in Šćedro’s history was the battle for Adriatic in which Cesar and his fleet defeated Pompeius (in the year 47 B.C.)

If you are an urban explorer, you will love the old abandoned village called Nastane that is full of remarkable stone houses. You will also love the well-preserved Illyrian tumuli of imposing dimensions and the remains of a Dominican monastery and the church of St. Mary of Charity from 1465.

Šćedro is rich with autochthonous pine trees and herbs that will bring you calmness and peace of mind. The two bays on the north shore – Lovište and Monastir, are equipped with buoys that will help you navigate to the local restaurants which offer amazing Mediterranean cuisine.

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