Rent a boat and visit the home of Marco Polo

Charming vacation spot called Korčula, a small island with lots of beaches and vineyard, will provide you a perfect example of Mediterranean vacation. With its medieval Old Town and Venetian-style buildings, Korčula has received the title of “Little Dubrovnik”, and you surely know about that one, especially if you’re a Game of Thrones fan.

Whether you wish to see specific sights or you just enjoy wandering around the alluring alleys, you will definitely have a good time. People are very kind, and the Old town scenes are remarkable! There are plenty of things to do in Korčula, such as windsurfing, cycling or even visiting Marco Polo’s home. 

Many people believe that this famous world explorer and writer was born in Korčula. One part of his house is opened for visitors, in case you wish to learn more about his childhood.

Do not forget to drink and dine – Southern Dalmatia is known for its seafood and award-winning wines. Caught off Dalmatian shores and prepared with special, local recipes, seafood in Korčula will make you fall in love with Mediterranean.

Book a private boat for your dearests and enjoy the beauty of Dalmatian islands.